Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS)를 익히기 위해서 MS에서 제공하는 샘플 데이터베이스(Adventureworks2012)와 샘플 보고서입니다.

* 샘플 데이터베이스:

* AdventureWorks 2012 SSRS Samples:

* 설치 방법

  1. Download the AdventureWorks2012 Data File .
  2. From the License Agreement, click I Agree.

  3. From File Download, click Save and browse to a location on your local server.

  4. From SQL Server Management Studio, execute the following code:

    Case-insensitive Database

    CREATE DATABASE AdventureWorks2012 
    ON (FILENAME = '{drive}:\{file path}\AdventureWorks2012_Data.mdf') 

    Case-sensitive Database

    CREATE DATABASE AdventureWorks2012_CS 
    ON (FILENAME = '{drive}:\{file path}\AdventureWorks2012_CS_Data.mdf') 


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Wise Owl 이라는 온라인 교육 사이트의 SSRS(Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Service) 유튜브 교육 모음입니다. 각 단계별로 잘 정리되어 있습니다.


1. Getting started with a new report project


2. Data Sources and Datasets


3. Working with tables


4. Keeping column headings visible on each page


5. Controlling the number of rows on a page


6. Grouping in tables


7. Creating calculated fields


8. Conditional formatting


9. Indicators


10. Gauges


11. Basic parameters


12. Drop down list parameters


13. Null values in parameters


14. Cascading parameters


15. Matrices


16. Lists


17. Linked reports


18. Charts


19. Subreports


20. Basic Maps


21. Pivot Table / Dynamic Matrix


22. Document Maps


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